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I’ll miss Solo city.

Solo CitySurakarta or we call it Solo, is a city where I was born a few years ago, I live in Solo and graduated my senior high school in this beloved city too.
Let me describe the city simply. Well, it’s located in Province of Central Java, Indonesia with population of 503.421 souls. Surakarta name used in formal contexts, while the Solo name for an informal context.
The mayor of Solo is Mr. Ir. Joko Widodo or we call him “Jokowi” and vice mayor is Mr. F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo. I could say that Solo can develop rapidly when led by them, because we as society of Solo, have seen many changes that occurred in Solo city.
This is what makes Solo is the spirit of Java.

That’s just a little description about Solo. You can read in detail from Wikipedia. 🙂
After graduated from senior high school, I’ve to continue my school in Jogjakarta city where I study there. Atma Jaya Jogjakarta University is my college, it’s located in Jogja certainly. So, I’ll miss my hometown Solo! 😐
I also have the more mature there, study well and always pray. 🙂
All iz well. Hahaha 😀

Okay, let me share some photos of Solo city. Love it.



Ngarsopuro market

Ngarsopuro is a place where people usually hang out and the market sells antiques and traditional. Ngarsopuro is located in front of Mangkunegaran.


It’s Mangkunegaran Palace. It was built hundreds years ago. 😮


Citywalk is car-free street, it’s a long road for pedestrians and usually used for jogging.

Gedhe Market

Big Market in English. It’s located in downtown, the biggest market in Solo, so people call it the Big Market.

Tien Kok Sie temple

Tien Kok Sie is located next to Big Market. This place is filled by Chinese people in Imlek ( Chinese New Year ). Read the rest of this entry



Hello user…
Welcome to the grand opening of my official wordpress blog! 😀
Let’s start with the beginning. Let me say that wordpress is cool in theming, so I just made a blog using it but I also have a blogger blog. I use both for my sharing place. But especially for wordpress I use it for fun, enjoy, and post my life experiences. People say that experience is the best teacher, not only pleasant experiences but also unpleasant experiences.

Well, like a piano there’re the white piano keys that describe our encouraging situations and the black piano keys that describe maybe our matter or something that is burdening our lives. But let’s back to the piano, a pianist should play both of the piano keys so it produce beautiful sounds, as well as our life, God sometimes allow the problem to come to us, because He knows that we can defeat it all and we’ll see a rainbow after that hurricane. 😀

Hahaha, that’s just my simple words to be shared. Let us do good deeds while there is still a chance and do it for the Glory of God. God bless you all! 🙂