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Start again!

Long time no see this blog, till I have posted nothing to this blog.
So I start again to post something here, because I don’t want it becomes an abandoned blog.
Honestly, blogging is fun if we can share post and commented or liked by other.
Let me share something here again as my branded of Post A Week 2011, so I should do it. Comments are welcome , I will respond it as soon as possible.
Okay, let’s start it again. šŸ˜€


Issues I Like to Debate

Music (232/365)

music arrangement, IT.

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Quote of the day.

Breathing in the morning is a blessing.

Fact on quote

By eatingĀ yamĀ regularly,Ā willĀ make theĀ skin lookĀ whiter.

Post A Week.

The Daily Post always post something everyday, and blogger may get a topic there.
I just added post a week 2011 badge on the sidebar, it means I should post something at least one post in a week.
Something new looks interesting and not boring. So just start posting anything from your mind and don’t forget to tag the post with “postaweek2011”
Happy Posting! šŸ™‚

Quote of the day.

Breathing in the morning is a blessing!