5 easy ways to increase traffic.

Hello, I’d like to share some tips for you that own a blog but it’s rarely seen by other, or perhaps our blog has low traffic. It’s okay, stay cool and don’t be frustrated!
Sometimes blogger want their blog are filled with lots of traffics instantly. Everything need process, so I just share some tips how to increase traffic for your blog. Here we go!

  1. Should not be empty. It means we’ve to update our blog with new post, either everyday, twice a day, or maybe once a week. It doesn’t matter, the point is always post something regularly. But remember to post interesting things, so the reader are not bored to read your post. If you’re confused what should I post, because of there’s nothing interesting, you can share a memorable experience or something that attract your attention. 🙂
  2. Publicize it. WordPress give publication feature so we can publish our post to social networking account like facebook and twitter. Thus your friends can see the link of your post, and they can go to your blog.
  3. Submit your blog url. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are great search engine that brings many visitors. So, submitting your url in it can increase your traffic.
  4. Beautiful to behold. Well, appearance also affects convenience of the reader. Just be creative to beautify your blog. We can add some useful widgets inside it, like categories widget, recent post, blog subscription, etc.
  5. Be a good friend. Don’t forget to comment another blog with good comment, or share your opinion about a topic in another blog. Don’t spamming!
    Response when your comments are replied, either in your blog or another blog.

That’s my tips how to increase traffic to our blog, and remember that everything need process and not instantly, except you get a miracle suddenly. So just be patient and stay cool. I hope this can help. Your comments are welcome. 😀


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