Like a snake.

Today July, 31. I went to cinema XXI in Jogjakarta city to watch Harry Potter last sequel with 3 my friends. My friends have watched it in home theater certainly, but they want feel the difference between 2D and 3D.
When we’ve arrived, we got unhappy view!
“What the freaks thing is it!” I said to myself. It’s very very crowded. They looked like a snake, because the people queued to watch HP till offside of the cinemas.
“How much times I’ve to spend to get the ticket?”
Then we choose to watch it another day, and we went to a mall. The same things happened in this mall, and finally we couldn’t watch it, cause we’ve to go back to home.
I got a little disappointment, but it’s okay, there’re still another day. 🙂
What a bestseller movie!


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  1. Harry potter is rocking it out in the cinemas worldwide!

  2. Yeah,…the cinemas is fulling with Harry Potter now, maybe I’ll watch it tomorrow….huft

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