Interested in WordPress!

Hi, I’m new to WordPress!
So, how do I get started with it ? Okay,  Let’s start with the beginning, and I just wanna say that I’m interested in WordPress! 🙂

Well, I have another blogs, but I made them by blogger and tumblr. Then I made my WordPress page, and I like use it to share one another. WordPress is like a big community that connect from one user to another user.
Firstly, after I signed up, I was treated to learn how to use WordPress from the basics till the professional.
Choose topic! Then I thought, what’s topic? I really confused what’s topic should I choose. It meant, we’ve to get focus on a topic or theme that will we use for our blog, like photograph, music, sport, etc…

So much things in my thoughts that I’ve to choose, especially music, information technology, even sport or movies. I didn’t choose one of them, because the goal is to share what I’m interested in. Just enjoy using it, and don’t think too much that ultimately create confusion.
Back to WordPress, get customized! There’re so many themes  that we can choose and also add some widgets even change the background and more….

The point is I’m interested in it. Happy sharing because sharing is caring but always beware! God bless you all. 😀


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